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High School Handbook





The staff and administration of Weston County School District No. 7, Upton High School wish to welcome you to the 2014-2015 school year. We are looking forward to the continued excellence that is offered in student learning through this district. The support of the parents and community continue to make this a system to be proud of.

This handbook is designed for your use and easy reference to general information. It is in no way intended to be all-inclusive. When more information is needed, please contact the office where every effort will be made to get this information to you as soon as possible.

We are proud of our school and look forward to an exciting year of learning experiences. Your continued support and involvement are encouraged.


Dr. Summer Stephens, Superintendent
Peter Wilson, Principal

This handbook does not serve as contract. The Weston County Board of Trustees reserves the right to make any necessary changes.

Mission:       “Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s Journey”

Vision- Weston CSD #7 values academic achievement for students as the highest district goal.  We will provide a quality education focused on academic, thinking and personal skills necessary in an ever-changing society.


Dr. Summer Stephens      Superintendent
Cindy Dysart            Administrative Secretary
Eileen Schiller           Business Manager
Randy Ludemann    Curic. Dir./Instructional Facilitator/Prof. Dev. Coordinator
Gary Glodt              Special Ed./Transportation Director
Don Bartels               Computer Tech
Frankie Medlen       Technology Assistant
Jenna Medlen          Technology Assistant
Mike Hagerman     Maintenance
Lynn Jesperson       Maintenance
Becky Cummings   Custodial
Julie Shephardson         Custodial
Wendy Strong        Custodial
Mary Rankin        Nurse
Candice Watt         EWC Community Ed
Lisa Kjerstad           Counselor   
Randy Kjerstad      Counselor
Christi Hampton     Librarian
Lara Coberly         Library Aide
Angie Donner         Food Services
Mary Fowler           Food Services         
Angie Kokesh          Food Services
Paulette Strong Food Services

Middle School
Clark Coberly          Elem/MS Principal
Corina McPeters    Elem/MS Secretary
Tori Moberly Kindergarten
Chelsie Todd 2nd Grade
Kasi White                 1st Grade
Janice Peterson    Title I
Christi Crain             3rd Grade
Melinda Blahnik      4th Grade
Deb Schmidt           5th Grade
Lee McCoy              MS Science
Becky Todd              MS Language
Meda Warbis           MS Math
Mikayla Wilson        MS Social Science
John Steinhardt      Instrumental Music
Randy Crain            Vocal Music K-12
Rhonda Knapp      PE/Health K-8
Jackie Cowger       Special Services K-8
Mona Stenson        Occupational Therapist
Kay Sturdevant       Title I/Early Literacy
 Roni Canfield          Para-Professional
Sharon Davies         Para-Professional
Alison  Davis   Para-Professional
Sandra Johnson     Para-Professional
Selina Materi            Para-Professional
Beth Sjolund Para-Professional

High School
Peter Wilson - HS Principal
Frank Pautz - Social Studies/ Activity Director
Chermey Arthur - HS Secretary           
Deanne Gould - Consumer Science/Guidance
John Steinhardt- Instrumental Music
Kim Booth - Science
Randy Crain - Vocal Music K-12
Shane Buckholtz - Agriculture
Jessica Finn - Language Arts
Andy Garland - PE/Health 9-12
Karla Ludemann - Business
Beau Garcia- Math
Susan Sharkey - Foreign Language/ Language Arts
Mick Tonkel - Industrial Arts
Meda Warbis - Math
Diana White - Art
Randy Fowler - Study Table Monitor
Amber Louderback - Para-Professional
Heather Butts - Para-Professional
Judy Lorenz- Para-Professional
Toni Brun - Special Education


High School
Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Golf

Co-Curricular-High School
Band, Choir, Knowledge Bowl, FCCLA, Student Council, FBLA, FFA

Activities and Attendance
Students must be in school six (6) of the seven (7) periods prior to an activity. If a student is not in attendance on the day of an event, that student cannot participate or practice that evening in an activity. If a student is absent on Friday, they cannot participate Friday night or Saturday. Exceptions may be made by the Principal, in advance for doctor appointments, emergency situations, or extenuating circumstances. Students missing school for activities are to make up work prior to being absent. Advance make-up sheets are to be picked up from the office at least two days before the absence so work can be turned in before the student leaves. Students who are absent without proper completion of the advance make-up sheet may receive zeros and be considered truant. (See Attendance/Truancy)

Weston Co. School Dist. #7 mandates that a student is ineligible to participate if he/she is failing one subject two (2) weeks in a row or is failing two subjects per week. Criteria will be set to meet with the teacher or attend study table before the student can attend practice. The student may not participate in any contest for the week they are ineligible. At Upton High School, eligibility will be checked on Monday of each week.

It is the policy of School District No. 7, Weston County Wyoming not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment policies as required by Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments.
Inquiries regarding compliance with Title IX may be directed to Mr. Troy Claycomb, Superintendent, Weston County School District No. 7, Upton, Wyoming, 307-468-2461.

Parents have the right to request information about the qualifications of their child’s teacher. This information is on file in the administrative office.

All students shall be permitted to enroll in all educational programs, including vocational opportunities, without consideration of their race, color, national origin, sex, handicap or religion.

Superintendent Troy Claycomb is the person designated to coordinate civil rights compliance. He may be contacted at the administration office located in the Nelson Building at 804 Willow Street, by mail at PO Box 470, Upton, WY 82730 or by calling 307-468-2461.

The District Section 504 compliance officer shall be responsible for continuing surveillance of the District’s educational programs and activities with regard to compliance with Section 504 and its administrative regulations.

The District 504 compliance officer is Gary Glodt. He may be contacted at the Upton Elementary Building at 802 Juniper, by mail at PO Box 470, Upton, WY 82730 or by calling 307-468-9331.

Weston Co. School District #7 Notification of Rights Under FERPA for Elementary and Secondary Schools.
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s educational records.  These rights are:
1) The right to inspect and review the student’s educational records within 45 days of the date the School receives a request for access.
Parents or eligible students should submit to the School Principal (or appropriate school official) a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect. The School Official will make arrangement for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be inspected.
2) The right to request the amendment of the student’s educational records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of student’s privacy rights under FERPA.
Parents or eligible students who wish to ask the School to amend a record should write the School principal (or appropriate school official), clearly identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it should be changed. If the School decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible student, the School will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and advise them of their rights to a hearing heading the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.
3) The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.
One exception, which permits disclosure without consent, is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by the School as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a person serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the School has contracted as its agent to provide a service instead of using its own employees or officials (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or therapist); or a person or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks.
A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.
Upon request, the School discloses education records, including disciplinary records relating to suspension and expulsion, without consent to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.
4) The right to file a compliant with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the School District to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is:
Family Policy Compliance Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-5920


Students participating in extracurricular activities, particularly competitive athletics, often play major roles in establishing standards of acceptable behavior in the school and community. As role models, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting their positions and responsibilities. The following rules of conduct must be followed in order to maintain participatory status in extracurricular activities:

Section 1.

Students shall not participate in the illicit use, possession, or distribution of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia, and the use, possession or distribution of tobacco or alcoholic beverages contrary to law. (For section 1, possession implies usage when a student is charged with “possession” according to law).

Violation of Section1.

First Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate twenty-one school days, and completion of an approved drug and alcohol counseling program. Second Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate eighty-four school days. These suspensions will carry over into the following school year if they have not expired.
An alcohol program administered through our Counseling Department would serve as our approved alcohol counseling program.

Section 2.

Students shall not engage in any type of hazing, demanding, or assaultive behavior, whether consensual or not. This includes behavior involving physical violence, restraint, improper touching, or inappropriate exposure of body parts not normally exposed in public settings, the forced ingestion of any substance, or any act which would constitute a crime against a person or a public order under Wyoming Law. Hazing may include but not limited to:

  • Physical acts causing harm by beating, whipping, paddling, taping in order to restrain someone against their will, or forced calisthenics which are not under the direction of a coach or teacher.
  • Any activity that interferes with a student’s ability to perform academically due to loss of sleep, loss of study time, or physical exhaustion.
  • Morally degrading or humiliating games, pranks, stunts, practical jokes or any other activities that make a student the object of amusement, ridicule or intimidation.
  • Forcing, coercing, or permitting students to drink alcohol, consume illicit drugs or controlled substances, eat or drink foreign or unusual foods, which may invoke nausea or illness.
  • Throwing or applying any substance on an individual’s body which may cause injury, embarrassment, or property damage.
  • Personal servitude.
  • Harassment associated with pushing, shouting, cursing, or acts, which are cruel psychologically.
  • Requiring a student to wear uncomfortable, ridiculous or embarrassing clothing or underclothing.
  • Compelling a student to participate in any activity, which is illegal, perverse, sexual in nature, publicly indecent, contrary to the individual’s genuine moral or religious beliefs or contrary to the policies, rules and regulations of Weston Co. School District #7.

Individual consent, either expressed or implied, to participate in any type of activity associated with hazing shall not serve as an acceptable defense for accountability and subsequent disciplinary action that may be imposed.
Students who observe hazing activities and fail to intervene or report the hazing to school officials may face disciplinary action for conspiring to engage in hazing.

Violation of Section 2.
Students who participate in any hazing activity shall face appropriate disciplinary action, which may include exclusion from participation in any extracurricular activities and/or suspension or expulsion from school.

Section 3.

The coach or sponsor of the activity may set curfew hours during the season.

Violation of Section 3.

First Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate seven school days.
Second Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate twenty-one school days.

Section 4.

During practices, games, matches, meets, performances and trips, student’s behavior is to be excellent. Students are to act correctly and dress nice for all trips and for the school day of the activity.

Violation of Section 4.

First Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate seven school days.
Second Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate twenty-one school days.
Third Offense: Suspension from all school activities for the next immediate eighty-four school days.



We know that sometimes it is necessary for a student to be absent, but we also know that absences should be kept to an absolute minimum. Studies show there is a direct connection between good attendance and good grades. We feel the most valuable benefits of high school are found in daily classroom attendance. Making up work is, at best, less than an adequate substitute for a true teaching-learning experience, which can only take place when the student is present in the classroom.

In dealing with attendance, as well as in all other areas, it is important that parents and the professional staff at Upton High School work together as partners.

Absences are to take care of extraordinary circumstances concerning:
a.  Personal Illness
b.  Professional appointments that could not be scheduled outside of the regular day.
c.   Other serious or family problems.
Students are allowed a maximum of seven (7) absences from any class, including out of school suspension, during a semester.  The student is responsible for making up work missed if absence is excused only. Absences are classified as excused or unexcused, however both excused and unexcused will count toward the maximum days. A student who is suspended from school for a disciplinary problem for any number of days will have that number charged against the total seven (7) permitted in the policy.

Although it is the parent’s responsibility to be aware of the student’s attendance, the school will make every effort to notify parents when a student misses for the fifth time (by a letter and/or other communication). After the 7th absence (on the 8th absence) no credit (F) will be recorded for the missed class. On the 8th absence, a letter will be sent by certified mail to the parents explaining the child has exceeded the absence limit and is therefore receiving no credit for the class missed.

You will not be allowed to take final exams early or finish the school year early. If you choose to leave early for summer break then a zero on the final exam(s) that you miss will be calculated into your semester average and the absences for the remainder of the school year will count towards your semester total. If you end up with more than seven (7) absences then you will lose credit for the semester. There may be some instances where a student has a legitimate reason to miss the regularly scheduled final exam. Though this is not encouraged, it will be allowed as long as you make up your final exam(s) after you return on or before the last day of school. No incompletes will be given during the second semester. Grades are final on the last day of school.


The only way for students to make-up missed days is to agree to attend Saturday School. Students will receive credit for a missed class period by attending one hour of Saturday School. In order to make up a full day the student must stay the full four (4) hours. Saturday School begins at 8:00 am sharp and concludes at approximately 12:00 pm. Students assigned to Saturday School are required to bring their homework and spend their time studying. Students can ask the certified staff member on duty for help if they are having trouble with their standards based courses. Students will be suspended from Saturday School for tardiness or inappropriate behavior.


  • Students must bring something to do: read a book, write, do homework and stay awake.
  • Students will not distract others.
  • Students who arrive late will not be admitted to make up time.
  • Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers.
  • Students who do not comply with the above rules will be sent home and no time will be credited.
  • Saturday school runs from 8:00 – 12:00.

Appeals: Once the semester ends and all Saturday School opportunities have been exhausted, students who still have absences in excess of the seven (7) absence limit may appeal to the principal in writing, including any necessary documentation, within 10 working days of being notified by the school. The principal will first review the appeal and if necessary refer the appeal to the Attendance Review Committee. Appeals to the Attendance Review Committee are limited to 10 workdays after notification of no credit. The Attendance Review Committee will consist of an administrator, a counselor, and a teacher. In reviewing the denial of credit, the Attendance Review Committee will consider the reasons for all the student’s absences, not only those absences above the seven days allowed. The committee will consider all relevant information including whether:
1. the student has completed and returned the appeal form to the office by the specified due date,
2. the student has supplied reasons for each absence with appropriate documentation,
3. absences are of the extraordinary level (hospitalization), which are unforeseeable and cannot be avoided during school time (orthodontist).

There are three possible outcomes from an appeal to the Attendance Review Committee.
1. denial of credit is upheld.
2. denial of credit is rescinded
3. the student is placed on probation for the next semester, with credit held pending satisfactory attendance during the probationary period

The outcome from the Attendance Review Committee will be sent to the parents by certified mail. Upon receipt of the outcome of the appeal, the student and his/her parents may contact the Attendance Review Committee for a personal appeal review. It is mandatory that both student and parent be in attendance of this appeal review.

Where the committee upholds the denial of course credit based on excessive absences, the student and parent/legal guardian may request a hearing before the Board of Education. Parties who desire to appeal the decision of the Attendance Review Committee must notify the principal or superintendent within ten (10) days of the decision. Failure to make a timely request for a Board hearing will result in the loss of credit as affirmed by the Attendance Review Committee. Procedures for a Board hearing shall be the same as provided for in student disciplinary matters.

Excused and unexcused absences count toward the seven-day limit per semester. An unexcused absence (e.g. skipping a period or truancy from school for an entire day) will mean that the student cannot get credit for the class work missed during that absence. Any student missing more than 10 minutes of a class period will be considered absent from that class.


The best way to have an absence excused is for a parent to call the office at the high school (468-2361) on the day of the absence.
If a phone call is not possible, a written note from the parent excusing the absence should accompany the student upon his/her return to school. Because of the obvious safety and responsibility risks, any student forging a parent’s name to an excuse note or using a fake phone call or other misrepresentation to have an unauthorized excused absence will receive out of school suspension.

Please Note:  A student’s absence will be officially considered unexcused if the student does not take the proper steps above to get the absence excused within 48 hours after returning to school. The 1st time this happens the student will be given a reminder and ½ hour after school detention. Thereafter, the student will be considered unexcused and assigned Saturday School. This policy applies to 18-year-old students as well unless a student has been legally emancipated from the guardianship of his/her parent(s). In this situation the legal paperwork must be provided to the school.

Arriving/Leaving Campus during the School Day:
When it is necessary to leave the school campus during the school day, the student must first check with the office. At that time the student will be required to present written permission to leave from a parent, or legal guardian. When returning to campus the student must check in with the office. Because of the obvious safety and responsibility risks, students who fail to check out or check in will receive a three-day lunch detention.




  • Notify 911 (if necessary) and Mr. Wilson (HS Principal) or Mr. Coberly (Elem/MS Principal).  Mr. Wilson or Mr. Coberly notifies Mr. Claycomb (Superintendent)
  • Notify CPR/First Aid certified persons in school building of medical emergencies, if necessary.
  • Seal off high-risk area.
  • Take charge of area until incident is contained or relieved by EMS or Police Department.
  • Assemble Crisis Team
  • Preserve evidence. Keep detailed notes of incident.
  • Refer media to Troy Claycomb at 1-307-468-2461.

Signal:           Call from City – Building Announcement

      Elementary, Middle School & Nelson Building.
1. Students move to the East end of the classroom
2. Students sit against outside wall, place head between knees, hands over back of head

      Students remain in secure status until “all-clear” signal from city siren sounds.
Students return to classroom upon “all-clear” signal. 

If Building is Struck:
1. Building secretary finds operable telephone places call:
1st to 911 with information (what, who, where)
2nd, to unaffected school buildings if possible
2.Designated Elementary & Middle School teachers direct evacuation of building to extent possible
3. Designated Elementary teacher supervises move to evacuated students & staff to Community Center.
4.Designated Middle School teacher supervises support to victims until arrival of medical authorities.
5.In absence of either Designated Teacher, The other assumes overall supervision and recruits a colleague to fulfill vacant role.
6. Nelson Building Occupants respond as grade level configuration directed by teacher of class.

High School
1.Second floor rooms-move to hallway by locker rooms per route designation in classroom.
2.Ground level room-move to hallway by locker rooms per route designation in classroom.

Students remain in secure status until “all clear” signal from city siren sounds.
Students return to classroom upon “all clear” signal.

If Building is Struck:
When storm has passed-
1. Secretary finds operable telephone places call:
1st to 911 with information (what, who, where)
2nd to Elementary School & Nelson Building if possible.
2. Under supervision of Principal and Designated Teacher evacuate to extent possible.
3. Under supervision Designated Teacher evacuated students and staff assemble at Community Center.
4. Principal supervises support to victims until arrival of medial authorities
5. In absence of either Principal or Designated Teacher, other assumes supervision and recruits colleague to fulfill vacant role.

Signal:           Fire alarm-all sites-evacuate building after announcement and/or notification.
Empty Building: Move to areas designated in classroom, 100 yards from building.
Procedures after evacuation:
     Elementary & Middle & Nelson Buildings
1. Building secretary finds operable telephone places call:
1st to 911 with information (what, who, where)
2nd to unaffected school buildings if possible
2.Under supervision of Designated Elementary or Middle School Teacher evacuated students & staff assemble at Community Center.
3. In absence of Designated Elementary or Middle School Teacher, the one present assumes responsibility for directing both groups to assemble at Community Center.
4.Nelson Building occupants respond as grade level configuration directed by teacher or class.

     High School
1. Secretary finds operable telephone places call:
1st to 911 with information (what, who, where)
2nd to Elementary & Nelson Buildings if possible.
2. Under supervision of Principal and Designated Teacher evacuated students & staff assemble at Community Center,
3. In absence of Principal or Designated Teacher, the one present assumes overall supervision and recruits colleague to fulfill vacant role both groups to assemble at Community Center.
4.Nelson Building occupants respond as grade level configuration directed by teacher of class.

Elementary-Intercom phrase “Teachers, lock your doors.”
Middle School-Intercom phrase “Teachers, lock your doors.”
High School-Intercom phrase “Teachers, lock your doors.”
     Elementary & Middle School
On determination building has been penetrated:
1.Give Lock Down signal to building occupants
2.Office personnel telephone 911 (who, what, where)
3.Office personnel telephone other school buildings if possible
2. On receipt of signal, students and staff move to floor along inside wall containing door to classroom on 2nd floor; ground level rooms move to out-of-site area.
3. Students and staff members remain in classrooms wait for further instructions from either school officials or law enforcement.
4.  Designated Elementary teacher directs move of students and staff to Community Center
5. Designated Middle School teacher provides necessary supervision at the building.

      High School
On determination building has been penetrated:
1. Give Lock Down signal to building occupants
2. Office personnel telephone 911 (who, what, where)
3. Office personnel telephone other school buildings if possible
2. On receipt of signal, students and staff move to floor along inside wall containing door to classroom.
3. Students and staff members remain in classrooms wait for further instructions from either school officials or law enforcement.
4. Designated Teacher direct students and staff to assemble at Community Center
5. Principal provides necessary supervision at the building
6. In the absence of Principal or Designated Teacher, assumes over all supervision and recruits a colleague to fulfill vacant role.


Check hallway, restrooms, and adjacent open areas and secure all possible persons into a classroom.
Lock all doors.
Move everyone away from door(s) and windows.
Remain QUIET.

Take Attendance
Fill out Emergency Roll Sheet and place attendance sheet under door with accurate information.

1. Place GREEN card under main classroom door if room is secure and there are no injuries/illnesses.
2. Place RED card under main classroom door if there is an injury/illness that needs attention. Provide any information that will assist emergency personnel.
3. NO CARD under the main classroom door indicates that you may need assistance.

Monitor e-mail if possible.

Make no landline phone calls.

In general-stay in your room if the fire alarm goes off during a lock down. If you smell smoke or see fire, use common sense in making a decision to exit.

If your class is not in the building when a lock down takes place:
HIGH SCHOOL-Please proceed to the Nelson Building
proceed to the Nelson Building

**Send location and attendance information to principal, secretary, and counselor via e-mail.



Evacuation during passing periods/lunch
In the event of an evacuation during passing periods, students should leave the building via the closest exit and go directly to the area where their previous class would meet during an emergency/drill and report to the teacher of their previous class. Students who are at lunch should exit the front doors of the building and report to their previous class teacher in the location where they would normally meet during an emergency/drill.

Teacher Duties
Any time there is an evacuation of the building and/or campus there are three critical issues for the school. 1) you MUST take your Emergency Folder (Emergency Roll Sheet, Red and Green cards, class rosters, buddy sheet) 2) you MUST be with your students at all times and 3) you MUST take accurate attendance in writing using the Emergency Roll Sheet.


  • Call 911 if person requires medical attention, has a weapon or needs to be restrained.
  • Calm suicidal person.
  • Try to isolate suicidal person from other students.
  • Stay with person until counselor/suicide intervention arrives. Do not leave suicidal person alone.
  • Verify information.
  • Notify school Counselor, Principal, and Mental Health (307-746-4456).
  • Principal calls Superintendent and parent(s) or guardian(s) if suicidal person is student. Principal may schedule meeting with parents and school psychologist/counselor to determine course of action.
  • Ask suicidal person to sign a “no suicide contract”.
  • Hold daily staff debriefings before and after normal operating hours as needed.
  • Activate school crisis team to implement post-crisis intervention.




Students and fans attending school activities are expected to show the same good sportsmanship and courtesy that the participants on the individual teams show. All participants on teams will compete to the best of their ability and are expected to be good losers and modest winners, and at all times show the best possible courtesy to visiting teams and fans.


Each student must show the utmost courtesy when attending a program. Extra loud applause, whistling, stamping feet, and booing does not show appreciation and are displays to avoid. Please provide a positive response and establish a reputation as a fine audience.

Smoking by minors is a sign of poor discipline and is prohibited by the law; furthermore, Weston County School District No. 7 has been declared to be tobacco free. Consequently, students are not permitted to use tobacco on the school grounds or while under the school’s jurisdiction. Students who participate in activity programs further prohibit smoking. (See ACTIVITIES, Training Rules)

Alcohol and Drugs
In addition to the standards above, it is prohibited to unlawfully possess, use or distribute illicit drugs and alcohol on school premises or as a part of any school’s activities. This includes the possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by any student of the District during school sponsored activities off school premises.

Conduct prohibited at places and activities as herein above described shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Law prohibits possession of any controlled substance.
  • Possession of any prescription drug in an unlawful fashion.
  • Possession of alcohol on school premises or as a part of any of the school’s activities.
  • Use of any illicit drug.
  • Distribution of any illicit drug.
  • Use of any drug in an unlawful fashion.
  • Distribution of any drug or controlled substance when such distribution is unlawful.
  • The possession, use or distribution of alcohol.

Any of the above, prohibited acts will result in disciplinary sanctions being taken within the bounds of applicable law, up to and including short term suspension, long term suspension, expulsion, and/or referral to appropriate authorities for criminal prosecution. The student will be required to participate in a professional evaluation arranged by the parent.

Suspicion of Student under the Influence of Alcohol or a Controlled Substance

When a student is suspected of being under the influence or admits to being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance by any teacher/member of the staff/administrator the individual who notices the behavior or symptoms which led to the suspicion shall notify the building principal, nurse and possibly other staff to escort the student to the office. A team of individuals, including but not limited to, the principal, nurse, counselor (if available ) and other staff shall conduct a preliminary evaluation noting visible signs of behavior deemed abnormal, questioning the individual and possibly other tests of acuity and vital signs as deemed necessary. If the team evaluation yields reasonable suspicion a student is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance the student’s parent and law enforcement will be called. Regardless of the team’s findings the parents will be notified so an inquiry, if necessary, can be undertaken to determine if other additional information is relevant that may aid and assist the team in its evaluation. If the police, after discussing the matter with the evaluation team support the evaluation team’s observations and evaluation a student may be requested to undergo a medical/psychological evaluation. If the student’s parent/parents do not support a medical /psychological evaluation the parent/parents will be informed the student may be excluded from normal activities for up to ten school days until school officials are certain the safety of the student and the safety of others is assured. In all cases the superintendent will be notified of any evaluation and shall have the latitude to adopt and enforce the following protocol if warranted:

If a student is suspected of being in possession, or under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances and admits to being in possession of alcohol or controlled substances or under the influence of either alcohol or a controlled substance and is willing to be tested, wants help and wishes to stay in school the student may, with the consent of the superintendent complete a substance abuse evaluation to determine what if any intervention and treatment is required and thereafter enter into and complete a student contract focusing on drug testing weekly, substance abuse treatment, academic attendance and behavior expectations. The student shall be expelled, but the expulsion not entered, pending completion of the student contract and the student shall, as part of the contract sign a waiver of his/her right to a hearing normally afforded each student prior to expulsion.


Students are asked to be courteous at all times by following these guidelines:
1. Avoid loud talking, yelling or pushing at any time.
2. Do not block traffic by collecting or walking in groups.
3. Remove hats in the building.
4. Go to your classes directly.
5. Keep right during passing bells.
6. Inappropriate behavior is not accepted.
7. Respect toward others for physical and emotional safety.


Cheating is seen as a serious offense by both students and faculty; however, part of the problem is inconsistency and misunderstanding about what constitutes cheating, how serious cheating is, and what penalties there should be for cheating.
Since cheating is unfair to students, interferes with the cheater’s learning, and is morally wrong:
1.Teachers will explain to each class what could constitute cheating in that class. This should be done at the beginning of the year and repeated any time a new student joins the class as well as a reminder throughout the year.
2. Teachers will be alert for cheating and take preventive action in the classroom, as well as assigning the following penalties.

  • A zero for that assignment.
  • A report filed in the office of the cheating incident.
  • A letter to the parents/guardians.

Classroom Conduct
Each classroom teacher will develop expectations for their students in the classroom. Students, in turn, are expected to abide by those rules. Teachers are not bound to keep unruly students in class, and such students will be removed if the student cannot abide by the rules of the class.



Dance Regulations

1.All dances must be approved in advance by the principal       
2.All dances must be chaperoned by representatives of both U.H.S./M.H.S. faculty and parents.
3.Attendance to the dance will be permitted for one hour after the scheduled start of the dance. Those who choose to leave before the end of the dance will not be readmitted.
4.Only Weston County School District No. 7 students and their dates will be allowed to attend school sponsored dances. Middle School students will schedule their own dances and are not permitted to attend high school dances.
5.Use or possession of controlled substances mentioned elsewhere in this handbook is strictly prohibited for students and guests.  Violators will be ejected from the dance and will be barred from further attendance at school dances.
6.Appropriate attire is required.

Prom Regulations

1.Junior and seniors are automatically invited to prom events. Parents are invited to the dance if they have a child attending.
2.Graduates and former students of U.H.S may attend the dance if a junior or senior who is attending the dance invites them.
3.Sophomores may attend the dance, but may not invite anyone. Freshman will be allowed to attend if a junior or senior invites them as a legitimate date.
4.Juniors and seniors are to submit a date list to their sponsor two weeks prior to the dance; this will be your official date. (Dates are subject to administrative approval).
5.All those attending the dance will be subject to a breathalyzer administered by Weston County probation officers.
6.Dancing will take place from 9:00 PM until Midnight.


Close-Up Information

Close-Up is treated like an extra-curricular activity at Weston School District #7.  This means that it is a privilege and not the responsibility of the district to provide an opportunity for students to attend Close-Up.  Close-Up is a program that will be organized by a school sponsor and fundraising opportunities for the trip will be organized by the sponsor.

Close-Up Application

Prior to being accepted as a representative from WCSD#7, an applicant must submit the following items to the sponsor no later than Date is TBA.

1. Letter of intent
2. Resume
3. Letter of recommendation from a teacher
4. Copy of school transcript
5. Signed copy of rules and regulations agreement (parent and student signature)
6. Formal essay detailing interest in the Close-Up program and civics                   (used to determine scholarship given through the school).

Completed applicant packets will be examined by the Close-Up Selection Committee.  Incomplete applicant packets will not be considered by the committee.  From the completed packets, one student will be awarded a scholarship for their trip to Close-Up.  All students who wish to attend Close-Up will be required to complete the application process in order to attend.  Students who do not receive the scholarship may still attend the Close-Up trip, but will be responsible for paying their own way, either through fundraising or other means.  The Close-Up program has a scholarship available for a student needing financial aide.  Please have your parents fill out the forms.

Close-Up Trip Rules and Regulations

Close-Up students must be citizens in good standing and not have violated any rules of academics, trips or activities.

Students need to be passing all classes.  If a student is on the down list for 50% of the school year, they will be ineligible for the trip.

Any violation concerning drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco during the student’s current year will disqualify the student from the program.

Any violations of the Close-Up rules will result in an immediate dismissal of the student from Close-Up.  The student’s parents are responsible for their student’s return to Upton.

Married or Pregnant Students

The marriage or pregnancy of a student shall not affect the right of the student to receive a public education nor his/her privilege as a student of the district nor his/her opportunities to take part in any extracurricular activities or honors offered by the school. In such cases, the following regulations shall apply:
1. Students who become married shall report the marriage to the principal.
2. Individuals who become pregnant and wish to remain in school will be permitted to do so. If continued attendance or full participation is not advised by a physician, the principal is authorized to make special arrangements when necessary for the instructional program to meet the student’s special needs.


No student is to be outside his/her assigned area without a pass. Passes should only be issued by the teacher to whom the student is to report, unless it is for the office or guidance counselor. A student should not be given a pass to get a pass; in other words, passes should be obtained ahead of time.

Public Display of Affection

The display of affection between students in public by such acts as holding hands, hugging, kissing, and similar behavior cannot be condoned. It is in controversial taste, is embarrassing to those around the parties involved, and it tends to hold those who behave in this manner up to ridicule by others. Such actions will result in loss of privileges, detention, and possible suspension from school, depending upon the frequency and nature of the behavior.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. All persons associated with Weston Co. School District #7 are expected to conduct themselves at all times so as to provide an atmosphere free from sexual harassment. Any person who engages in sexual harassment while acting as a member of the school community will be in violation of this policy. Consequences may result in “expulsion from school” or “any sanctions deemed appropriate.”




Students are to maintain a standard of conduct above reproach in any place under control of the school. These places include, but are not limited to: hallways, cafeterias, auditorium, gymnasiums, sport fields, school grounds, etc.

Students are to maintain a standard of conduct above reproach whether in school or off-campus at school-related activities such as athletic events, dances & field trips.

Each classroom teacher will develop expectations for their students in the classroom. Students, in turn, are expected to abide by those rules.  These guidelines include such things as being on time to class, completing assignments on time, bringing required material, participating in learning activities, being courteous and respectful toward others, calling the teacher by the proper title, cooperating with substitute teachers, and the like.


  • Theft- Stolen pencils, etc.
  • Vandalism- Writing on desks, (less than $1.00) walls, lockers, litter, etc.
  • Inappropriate Behavior- talking, unprepared for class, goofing around, profanity, lying, disrespect of a staff member, etc.
  • Nuisances-  Possession of any electronic devices, pocket knives, rubber bands, etc.
  • Public Display of Affection- Holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc.
  • Throwing of Objects- snowballs, etc.
  • Cheating                                   
  • Plagiarism (copying of another persons work)
  • Driving during scheduled classes/leaving school grounds 

1st Infraction
Teacher Detention – 30 minutes to 1 hour or “0” for assignments, double time if missed.
Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.

2nd Infraction
Teacher Detention – 1 hour to 2 hours, double timed missed, in-house suspension for 1 day
Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.

3rd Infraction
Office referral – Administrative Detention or Behavior Contract, double time if missed, in-house suspension 2 days.
Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.
Behavior Contract developed with the student, approved by the parent and administrator.

4th Infraction
Office referral – treated as a 1st moderate or major infraction.
Additional Options for Minor Infractions
Time-out in the hallway or office
Student writes a plan for future behavior
Refer to guidance counselor
Teach proper behavior
Written documentation


  • Class cut more than ten (10) minutes, late to class, leaving class early, misuse of bathroom privilege or hallway passes.
  • Tobacco-  Possession and/or use of
  • Dress Code Violation
  • Disruptive Behavior                 
  • Involvement in any incident that conflicts with the smooth operation of the school (i.e., encouraging a disturbance such as a fight, sit-in, food fight, profanity, etc.)
  • Harassment repeated- teasing, unwanted following, etc.
  • Scuffle - pushing, shoving, verbal dispute of prolonged duration.
  • Substitute Teacher Referral-  disruptive behavior or uncooperative.
  • Teacher detentio- no show after the student, parent and teacher have agreed upon a time.
  • Theft- $1.00 to $20.00
  • Uncooperative- failure to serve detentions, follow directions, etc.
  • Vandalism- $1.00 to $20.00
  • Weapon                                    

TYPE 3- articles designed for other purposes but which are being used or threatened to be used to inflict bodily harm and/or intimidate. Examples:  belts, combs, pencils, pocket knives.
POSSESSION: means having a weapon actually in a student’s personal possession, desk, locker, or vehicle.
USE: threatening to or actually inflicting injury on another person.

1st Infraction

  • Detention 30 minutes to 2 hours, 3 day in-house suspension assignment, double time
  • Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.
  • Restitution

2nd Infraction

  • Treated as 1st major infraction


  • Alcohol/Drugs- Possession and/or use of
  • Arson
  • Assault/Battery- An attack, with or without a weapon, intending to physically or emotionally harm.    
  • Endangerment- Fire or fire alarm, bomb threat
  • Extortion- The act of taking of money or other tems from another

through the use of force, threats or misuse of authority

  • Fighting- Punches thrown, physical injury, major disruption
  • Forgery              
  • Harassment- Serious threats or repeated hazing
  • Hazing- Harassment by abusive behavior
  • Insubordination- Refusal to submit to a reasonable request from an authority figure.
  • Office detention- No show after a time is agreed upon  with the student, parent, and Administrator
  • Safety Violation- Engaging in behavior that is a safety risk to oneself or others
  • Sexual Harassment     
  • Staff Abuse- Swearing at, gestures, verbal abuse, etc.
  • Tardies, excessive- As per current policy
  • Theft- More than $20.00
  • Truancy- Missing more than one class period in a day without parent notification to the school
  • Vandalism- More the $20.00
  • Weapons                             

TYPE 1 – Deadly Weapon – Fire Arms, switch blades
TYPE 2 – Articles other than deadly weapons used or threatened to be used to inflect bodily harm. Examples: chains, clubs, stars, etc.
POSSESSION: Type 1 or 2 weapon on campus (within boundaries of school property) or school activity, or within any school bus or vehicle is prohibited.
USE: Means threatening to or actually inflicting injury on another person. Use of any type weapon on campus, at school activity, or within any school bus or vehicle is prohibited at all times.
PENALTY: Any student who possesses a deadly weapon on campus or on any school bus or while in attendance of any activity shall be expelled from school for not less than one (1) year except that the superintendent of schools may modify the expulsion on a case by case basis. A student using any type of weapon shall be suspended immediately from school and referred to the superintendent & board of education for further disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from school.

1st Infraction

  • 1-3 days in-school suspension or 1-5 external suspension or expulsion
  • Activity suspension as per policy
  • Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.

2nd Infraction

  • 4-8 days in-school suspension or expulsion
  • Activity suspension as per policy
  • Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.

3rd Infraction

  • 6-10 days in-school suspension or expulsion
  • Activity suspension as per policy
  • Parent contact by phone or mail to inform them of the infraction and consequences.

Additional Options for all Infractions

  • Parent shadowing
  • Out of school suspension
  • Police contact
  • Referral to Behavior Program, Transitional School, Alternative School
  • Formal Apology
  • Restitution
  • Custodial Work Assignment
  • Hearing before the Board of Trustees


Students are expected to act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner in accordance with Weston Co. School District #7 policies and Federal and State law. The following uses of the WCSD7 network are specifically prohibited:
1. use of the network to facilitate illegal activity.
2. use of the network for commercial or for profit purposes.
3. use of the network for hate mail, discriminatory remarks,
and offensive or obscene language.
4. use of the network to harass, insult, or attack others.
5. use of the network to attempt to discover another person’s
passwords or trespass in another user’s folders, work, or files or any activity intended to disrupt the work of other users.
6. Destruction, modification, or abuse of any technology resource, including any activity that hinders the performance of any computer’s memory, file system, or software.
7. use of the network to search for, access, or download any material not suited for educational purposes.
8. use of the network to violate copyright laws.
9.  accessing Chat sites or using Instant Messaging software that is not curriculum related
10. accessing on-line sites related to games, streaming video, or streaming audio.
11. personal use of e-mail by students.

Consequences for Inappropriate Computer Use
All discipline issues related to inappropriate use of WCSD7 technology resources will be directed by the building principal. Consequences for misuse/abuse of these resources may include, but not limited to:

1st Offense
- Teacher Warning

2nd Offense
- Teacher Detention 1 to 2 hours

3rd Offense
- Loss of credit for assignment

4th Offense
- Loss of computer/Internet privileges for 1 month

5th Offense
- Loss of computer/Internet privileges for four(4) months

Students are not to be in possession of any cell phone at school from 7:55 AM to 3:10 PM. Cell phones are not to be present in any classroom at any time.

Consequences for Cell Phones
1st Offense
- Cell phone will be confiscated for the day. Student may pick it up at the office after school.

2nd Offense
- Cell phone will be confiscated for the day. Parent must pick up cell phone from the office.

3rd Offense
- Student will be held in school suspension for 1 day. Parent must pick up cell phone from the office.  Student will be required to turn in the phone to the office every morning; they may pick it up after school.

4th Offense
- Student will be suspended from school for 1 day.  If more infractions occur suspension amounts will double for each infraction.


Students may be detained before or after school at the request of a teacher and/or principal; however, pupils who ride the bus will be given one day to make arrangements for transportation to or from school before being required to serve detention. Students who fail to meet their detention appointments will be ineligible until detention is served.

Detained students may have to do extra work in order to fulfill the required detention. Extra duties or work assignments are only designated by the principal. Students must complete assigned work before detention is completed. (e.g. If a student is ask to clean up the building, detention will not be served until the job is done to satisfaction).

The principal may suspend a student from one or all classes “in-house” facilities for up to ten(10) school days for failure to follow the rules and regulations of the school. Students who receive in-house suspension will be allowed to make up work and receive grades for class time missed. In-house facilities will be located on campus by the administration.

The principal may suspend a student form school for up to ten(10) school days for failure to follow rules and regulations of the school. For more serious or repeated offenses, the principal may recommend to the superintendent that a long-term suspension (over ten) or expulsion (up to one year) be applied. All suspended students will receive zeros for classes missed.

The suspended student may re-enter school only after a conference involving the administration, parents and student. Prior arrangements between the parents and administration will take precedent. If the conference results indicate that the problem has been resolved, the student may re-enter school.

The Principal may expel a student from school for up to one(1) year depending on the infraction. The superintendent of schools may modify the expulsion on a case-by-case basis.

Any student recommended for expulsion shall be afforded an opportunity for a hearing with the administration and the Board of Education.

The right of inspection of students’ school lockers are inherent in the authority granted school boards and administrators. This authority may be exercised as needed in the interest of safeguarding children, their own and school property.

Nevertheless, exercise of that authority by school officials places unusual demands upon judgment so as to protect each child’s constitutional rights to personal privacy and protection from coercion and to act in the best interest of all students and the school.

Law Enforcement Officials are welcome in any Weston County School District #7 facility for the purpose of Safe and Drug Free School regulations.

The school district has legal custody of students during the school day and during hours of approved extra curricular activities. It is the responsibility of the school administration to make an effort to protect each student’s rights with respect to interrogations by law enforcement officials.
1. When law enforcement officials find it necessary to question students during the school day or period of extracurricular activities, the school principal or his/her designee shall be present when possible. An effort shall be make to contact the parent or other adult having custody of the child so that the responsible individual may be notified of the situation.
2. If custody or arrest is involved, the principal shall request that all procedural safeguards, as prescribed by law, will be observed by the law enforcement officials.

Other disciplinary actions may be implemented relative to the offense or improper conduct.

Student personal appearance and dress is left to the good taste and discretion of the students and parents; however, certain guidelines exist. Final interpretation of these guidelines will be the decision of the principal.

1. Students will be neat, clean and appropriately dressed at all times. Tank tops, mesh shirts, pajama bottoms, bare midriffs, and torn shirts are not to be worn by any student in the classroom.
2.  T-shirts with inappropriate sayings are not to be worn by students in the classrooms or to extracurricular activities.
3.  Sponsors of activities (i.e. athletics, music, graduation, dances, etc.) have the right to set and enforce reasonable dress standards for students wishing to participate in those activities.
4. Guideline for wearing shorts:
a.  Shorts will not be worn any shorter than the end of the fingers when standing with arms at sides.
b.  Shorts must be hemmed, no slits, and no strings hanging off the bottom.


If a student or parent feels he/she has been unjustly treated and wants to make a complaint, the following outline prescribes the procedures to be used when there is a grievance.
1. Do what the teacher says. Refusal to obey the teacher is not a student prerogative.
2. If a problem cannot be resolved by discussing it with the teacher it then may be discussed with the principal.
3. If the principal cannot resolve the problem, then it may be discussed with the superintendent.
4.  If the superintendent cannot provide a satisfactory resolution, the student or parent may ask to have the matter placed on the agenda of the next board meeting. Special Board meetings will not normally be held to resolve student grievances unless time is of essence and the grievance procedure has been followed. The board will not discuss the grievance of any person who has not first requested placement on the meeting agenda.
5. Whenever a student is subject to suspension, he/she shall be given opportunity to hear the charges against him/her and present his/her side informally. Parents may be present for this proceeding if they are available. If a suspension exceeding ten(10) days in length or expulsions is to result, a formal board hearing at which either side may be represented by counsel may be held.

When a student must receive a medication at school, it shall be the student’s responsibility to go either to the nurse’s office for the medication, or to the classroom teacher. The school is under no obligation to seek out the student, should he/she forget. The school shall not furnish medication under any circumstances. If a student must have medication during school, the following guidelines will apply:
1. Written instructions from a physician/parent must be on file with the school nurse before medication is administered. This applies to all medications. (Prescription containers with doctor instructions on them will qualify).
2.Students taking medication prescribed by a physician must present the medication in its container from a pharmacy with written permission from the parent authorizing dispensing of medication to their child.

Students under the following conditions may keep medications:
1. Only the student should keep enough medicine for one day.
2. Medications should not be stored in student lockers.
3. Medications must be in properly labeled container from the pharmacy listing name of student and dose of medication and the physician’s name and date.
4.Student shall be instructed to not “share” medications with other students.
Illness or Injury
In case of illness or an injury causing accident during the school day, students should report directly to the nurse’s office. No student should leave the building without permission of the principal or unless accompanied by the nurse. The school will give emergency first aid and other care, and the child’s personal physician will be contacted if necessary.



Activity Staff
Athletic Director- Frank Pautz
Middle School Football-  Brandan Madsen/Randy Benson
Middle School Volleyball                        
MS Wrestling-  Lee McCoy
MS Girl’s Basketball- Mick Tonkel/Rhonda Knapp
MS Boy’s Basketball- Kim Booth/
MS Track- Mick Tonkel/Lee McCoy/Buffy Helwig/Andy Garland
MS Knowledge Bowl- Kathy Pautz
MS Science Fair- Lee McCoy

High School Football- Andy Garland/Clark Coberly
High School Volleyball- Sherall Burn/Tory Mobley
HS Golf-  Mick Tonkel/Frank Pautz
HS Wrestling-  Lee McCoy/Ty Flock
HS Boy’s Basketball- Andy Garland/Mick TOnkel
HS Girl’s Basketball- Frank Pautz/Jackie Materi
HS Track- Mick Tonkel/Lee McCoy/Buffy Helwig/Andy Garland

Band- Bethany Brinton                                                            
Chorus-  Randy Crain
HS Knowledge Bowl-  Frank Pautz
Honor Society- Deanne Gould
Student Council-   Meda Warbis/Christi Elliot
FBLA-  Karla Ludemann
FFA- Shane Buchholz
FCCLA- Deanne Gould
Spanish Club- Susan Sharkey
Close-Up- Frank Pautz
Blue and White Club- Jessica Finn/Chermey Arthur

High School Class Sponsors
Juniors:- Susan Sharkey/Diana White/Frank Pautz   

Class Meetings
All class meetings will be held at the class president’s request (through the office) during a specified time. All meetings will be conducted in a business like manner. The president of the class and the class sponsor will be in charge of class meetings. No class meeting will be held without the presence of at least one class sponsor. The first class meeting will be scheduled the first day of school following the opening assembly, to elect class officers.


Cafeteria Cost
A hot meal is served every full day. The cost per meal for noon lunch is $1.85 for K-5, $2.15 for grades 6-12, and $2.75 for adults.  Students who fall more than three (3) days in arrears will not be allowed to eat until the bill is paid. However, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with milk will be made available for $.50.

Cafeteria Behavior
Lunch is a privilege. All students must conduct themselves accordingly or lose the privilege to eat with others. The following regulations are to be observed:
1. Priority in the lunch line is observed as announced.
2. Good table manners are expected of every student.
3. The tables should be left clean and all trays, bottles, etc..., should be put in the proper place.
4. No food or drinks will be taken out of the cafeteria.

High School
High school students may have open campus privileges during the noon break providing there is no loitering, no harassment of underclassmen, or causing problem for business or their patrons and etc...This is a privilege, and it may be taken away as a disciplinary consequence.

Middle School
In order to provide for the safety of students, no students will be released to anyone except his/her parent(s), legal guardian(s), or responsible person. In addition the students at the Middle School are not allowed open campus privileges. Students that eat in the school cafeteria must remain on campus during noon break. Any student eating off campus must join the supervised area upon return.

School will not often be closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather conditions; however, in the event of sever or emergency conditions requiring early dismissal or the canceling of school, such information will be broadcast over the following radio and television stations:

KYDT Radio  FM 103.9, Belle Fourche
KIML Radio   AM 1270, Gillette
KASL Radio   AM 1240, Newcastle
KOTA TV - Channel 3, Rapid City
KEVN TV - Channel 5, Rapid City

A call will be made through the AlertNow call system. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the schools informed of changes in contact information.


Grading and Grade Report Percentile System
Achievement, effort, and progress shall be important considerations in grading; however, the evaluation of the student’s academic achievement in relationship to percentile averages is carried out using the following system:

A         96-100                       C         73-76
A-        90-95                         C-        70-72
B+       87-89                         D+       67-69
B          83-86                         D         63-66
B-         80-82                         F          Below 60
C+      77-79                          I           Incomplete

Any student failing a semester or year long course, the failing grade will be averaged into the students final GPA, regardless of the student repeating the semester or year long course and earning a passing grade.



Grade Reports
Weston Co. School Dist. #7 mandates that a student is ineligible to participate if he/she is failing one subject two weeks in a row or is failing two subjects per week. Criteria will be set to meet with the teacher or attend study tables before the student can attend practice. The student may not participate in any contest for the week they are ineligible. At Upton High School that will occur on Monday of each week. Failing students must be turned into the office by 8:00 AM every Monday morning. Individual program sponsors may include additional academic requirements (I.E.: study table, tutoring, etc.)

Transfer Students
A transferring student into Upton High School will have his/her GPA calculated into our system upon enrollment through Administrator Plus. As a student’s transcript is entered the courses, final grades and credits will be listed as they appear on the incoming transcript. The incoming students’ grades will be based on the previous school’s grading scale. These grades will then be calculated into their GPA at Upton High School.

Grading Periods
There are four (4)-grading periods every year. Because of our schedule of  semester classes only semester grades will be calculated. Grades are to be computed, reported, and downloaded on the system network for office use each of the four grading periods. The reports are to be in the office by 3:45 PM on the day assigned.

Summation Report (Report Cards)
Report cards are distributed in conjunction with parent-teacher conferences the first grading period, and thereafter, each of the remaining three grading periods to the students or by mail.

Progress Reports
Mid-term progress reports will also be made. These reports do not preclude supplemental reporting to parents. The progress reports are due in the secretarial office by 3:45 PM on the following dates:
Progress Report Due Dates:  TBA

Honor Roll
At the end of each nine weeks and semester grading period an Honor Roll will be listed:
Principal’s Honor Roll
4.0-3.65 (100%-96%)           Grade Point Average
School Honor Roll
3.64-3.34 (90%-95%)           Grade Point Average
“B” Honor Roll
3.33-3.00 (80%-89%)           Grade Point Average

All classes are used to calculate a student’s grade point average. Any student who had a D, F, or I on his/her report card is not eligible for any honor roll that grading period.

National Honor Society
Candidates for membership must be sophomores, juniors, seniors who have attended UHS for at least one full semester, and who have a grade point average of at least a 3.0 “B”. Any student who has a semester grade of a “C” is ineligible for membership and will warrant dismissal of any current member.


Failing Students
Students that are “failing” in a course of study are included on a list that is distributed to all instructors.
The definition of failing is as follows: FAILING STUDENT=Sixty percent (60%) grade point average or below.
Teacher, Principal, or Activities Director will notify students who are failing on Monday of each week. The failing list will not be generated until the end of the second week in each of the four grading periods.

Study Table
A study session will be made available to all students who are in need of assistance.
All students who attend the Study Table must log the time, date and their signature upon arrival and departure for attendance credit.  Students who misbehave at the “Study Table” will be asked to leave and will forfeit any attendance credit.

Damages from willful or grossly negligent destruction or damage of property must be paid for by the student before the student receives any or all class credits.

Copier, Laminator, & Paper Cutter Use

Students are not to be in the gym or weight room without supervision by a staff member.

No food or drinks, of any kind, are permitted in the auditorium at any time. Feet and/or shoes are to remain on the floor at all times. Do not prop feet or knees on back of chairs.

Students may use the library during their unscheduled periods. The library should be the center of the student’s study life and is for quiet study and research. The following regulations are established to achieve this end:
1.  Students may use the library during unscheduled periods only without written permission from their instructor.
2.  No class may do research as a group without the instructor.
3.  The library is for quiet study, only whispering when necessary will be allowed.
4.  Encyclopedias and other reference items may never be taken from the library. These items may be checked out by an instructor, class period by class period (for one class period).
5.  All books must be checked out and returned to the desk for replacement on shelves. Once taken from a shelf, don’t attempt to return it to the shelf. Check it in at the librarian desk.
6.  All borrowers are responsible for the book(s) protection from damage. Fines will be proportional to damaged items.
7.  Fines, of $.10 per day, will be charged for overdue items. See library checkout limitations and deadlines.

Students may use the telephone with permission. To make a long distance call for a school activity, a student must have approval from the administration. Students will not be called from class to answer phone calls, except in an emergency.

High School Bell Schedule:

Student Start Time:  Elementary: 8:10   Middle School: 8:00 
  High School: 8:00

Student Dismissal: Elementary: 3:05  Middle School: 3:10  
High School:  3:10

Teacher Dismissal: K-12:  3:45 PM

Pupils who wish to change their schedule of classes should contact the guidance counselor. Schedules will not usually be changed after one (1) week of classes, unless the counselor, teacher or principal makes a recommendation. The counselor and principal must approve all schedule changes.


Activity Trips
School transportation is provided for activities that take place at other schools. All students participating in an activity are required to ride the bus, both to and from the activity. A parental transportation release may be filled out by parents/guardians with the coach or sponsor for arrangements after an activity; however, written permission must be obtained from the administration to be excused from riding the school provided transportation to an activity or release from an activity to anyone other than parent/guardian.
Students must follow the guidelines below:
1. Ordinarily, activity trips will leave from school no earlier than necessary to be on time for the activity and will leave the site as soon as the activity, or Upton’s part in the activity is over, returning to school. Where groups leave earlier or stay later, prior announcement of the time schedule will be made. If an activity bus cannot reasonably arrive home by 1:00 am, the students will stay overnight.
2. In extremely cold weather, all riders shall be dressed for the weather. Drivers are encouraged to refuse boarding the bus to those students who do not have adequate coats, boots, hats, gloves, etc. for the weather conditions.
3.  For any trip, Weston County School District No. 7 reserves the right to search any student luggage, coolers, equipment, rooms, or any other place or possession for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, as condition of the students’ participation in the trip.
4. Prior to beginning any trip, students may be asked to submit to a breathalyzer or similar test to determine prior consumption of alcohol. A positive result on the test will result in removal from the trip roster and application of whatever penalties apply.
5. No glass container is to be carried on a trip by students.
6. All regular bus rules apply to activity trips.
7. Violation of the rules could result in a student sent home at the parent’s expense.

School Buses
Bus service on a regular schedule is provided for rural students to and from school. Rules for conduct on the buses are necessary both by state law and by the need for the safety of the students. These rules will be strictly enforced.
1. In the event you will not be riding the bus notify the school and your driver with a WRITTEN NOTE. Also, if you are riding another bus, notify the driver to make sure there is room for you on the bus.
2. Be at your pickup point on time.
3. Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.
4. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to move toward the bus to enter or exit.
5. Riders should cross the road, when necessary, immediately after getting off the bus (at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus), but only after looking to make sure no traffic is approaching from either direction and after you have received an OK from the driver.
6. Follow the directions of the bus driver.
7. Stay in your seat and keep all parts of your body inside the bus and to yourself.
8. If there are safety belts in the bus, you are required to use them.
9. Keep books, packages, coats, instruments, and other objects out of the aisles and under the seat.
10.Treat bus equipment as you would treat valuable furniture in your home. Damage to seats, etc. will be dealt with under the general conduct rules and damage costs will be assessed against the offender.
11.No unacceptable language, loud talking, pushing, shoving, or fighting.
12. Bus riders should never tamper with the bus or any of the equipment.
13. No eating, drinking or littering while on the bus.
14. Do not throw anything out the window.
15. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol are illegal for school age students and are prohibited on the bus.
16. The emergency exits are to be used only in time of an emergency.
17. No glass containers, insects or other assorted critters will be transported on the bus.
18. The driver will not discharge riders at any place other than the regular bus stop, at the home, or at school, unless by proper authorization of the administration.
19. In extremely cold weather, all riders shall be dressed for the weather. Drivers are encouraged to refuse boarding the bus to those students who do not have adequate coats, boots, hats, gloves, etc. for the weather conditions.
#1. Incident: Student logged and parents contacted.
#2. Incident: Written student misconduct report filed with the principal and parent. Student suspended from riding any district school bus for five (5) consecutive school days.
#3. Incident: Student suspended from riding any district school bus for fifteen to thirty (15-30) consecutive days depending on the infraction.
#4. Incident: Principal informed, parent contacted, student suspended from riding any district school bus for the remainder of the semester.

Severe Misbehavior
Severe misbehavior is defined as behavior that exceeds reasonable bounds or endangers the driver, student in question, or other students riding the bus. Penalty: Possible suspension of all bus riding privileges for the current school year.
Consequences and behavior logs will be cumulative for the entire school year.

Parking and Driving Personal Vehicles
No parking will be permitted in areas where buses are loading and unloading.
Students will park in the designated student parking area in front of the school.

Students who violate these parking regulations will be ticketed and/or towed away at owner’s expense. Once in school, students may only drive their cars at noon and after school, not during scheduled class hours.