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New Robotics Club

Getting Started

Thursday October 27th Mrs. Ludemann and seven Upton High School students,  Tyler Paul, Cheyenne Hansen, Weston Silbaugh, Talys Stedman, Kevin Allen, Logan Loberg, and Jake Kokesh went to the Gillette Robotics Club meeting to get a little help in starting their own robotics club.
Gillette and Upton Robotics

When We Meet

Every Monday night from 6:30-8:30, seventeen Upton High School students consisting of two teams will be making two robots for competition. Meetings will include programming software, building the robots and journaling their progress.

Team Members

Team #5584 Team #5622
Logan Loberg-9 Kevin Allen-12
Bailey Parrish-9 Tyler Paul-12
Colton Buckley-9 Caelyn Sadler-9
Jake Kokesh-12 Talys Stedman-10
Weston Silbaugh-12  
Caleb Garhart-11  
Jessica Grubbs-10  
Cheyenne Hansen-10  


Learn More About Robotics

At, students ordered parts to assemble their two robots and programming software, register for competitions, and learn about rules.

See What The Competition Is About

Check out the game information at

Regional Robotics

Upton had two teams in the Wyoming FIRST Tech Challenge Regional Robotics Championship meet. Twenty teams from four states competed on March 17th at Casper College.

In the morning, students had to present journals which included weekly meetings, robot malfunctions, software design, robot construction, and community service to the judges.

Before the competition began students had to go through software and hardware inspections.

In the afternoon, 25 qualification matches were conducted. Each team competed in 5 matches with another team. The Nerd Herd placed in the top four teams and then moved into the winners’ bracket to place second. The Geek Squad was chosen to compete with one of the top four teams but was eliminated after the second round.

To find out more about FIRST Tech Challenge you can go to

Weston Silbaugh said, “It was really cool and we did not expect to place our first year.”


Geek Squad

The Geek Sqaud picture: Caelyn Sadler, Talys Stedman, Tyler Paul, and Kevin Allen.

Nerd Herd

The Nerd Herd: (Back row) Jake Kokesh, Colton Buckley, Caleb Garhart, Logan Loberg, Weston Silbaugh (front row) Jessica Grubbs, Cheyenne Hansen, Bailey Parrish